Edmond Dede Bio, History, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth....

Edmond Dede Bio, History, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth….

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Edmond Dede Biography

Edmond Dede was born in 1827 in New Orleans, Los Angeles, the United States. He was an American musician and composer by his profession. Edmond came into the limelight when he released his composition Quasimodo Symphony. He was one the best musician in history ever.

What is Edmond Dede Nationality?  Edmond Dede holds American nationality. His ethnicity is White. He was born to a White family.

When Edmond Dede was Born?  Edmond was born on November 20th in 1827. He celebrates his birthday on the 20th of November every year. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. Due to his zodiac sign, he is very brave and highly intelligent.

Edmond belongs to the Christianity religion.

Edmond Dede Height, Weight & Age

Edmond had a life of 76 years. During his life, he was a very fit and healthy man.

What is Edmond Dede Height and Weight? Edmond Dede’s height and weight are unknown. He had a representable height.

What are Edmond Dede’s body measurements? Edmond has a very fit body figure. But his body measurements are unknown.

Edmond Dede Wife

Edmond was a married man. He married Sylvie Leflet when he stayed in France for his studies. Sylvie was a French woman. The couple dated each other for some years. They welcomed their children after some years. He was a son named Eugene Arcade Dede.

Edmond Dede Family

Edmond’s father’s name is unknown. He was also a musician and a music teacher. His family business was Poultry dealings. His mother’s name is unknown. There is also no news about his siblings.

Edmond Dede Education

Edmond was a well-educated man. He went to a local high school for his schooling. For sake of higher education, he was enrolled in the University. Edmond moved to Europe for his studies. In pairs, he learned music.

Edmond Dede Net Worth

Edmond Dede’s net worth is unknown. As he is dead now, there is no news about his net worth.

Edmond Dede Death

Edmond dede died a natural death. He died on the 5th of January, 1901. He was living i Paris when he passed away.


Edmond dede was one of the finest and greatest musicians and composers. There are many songs in his regard.

Edmond’s famous compositions are Quasimodo Symphony, Le Serment de L’Arabe, Le Palmier Overture, and Patriotisme and many more.

His son, Eugene Arcade Dede is also a music composer.

On November 20th, 2021, Google is celebrating Edmond Dede’s 194th birthday. The Home Page of Google featured Edmond dede as an honor and respect to Dede.

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