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Fiona Loudon Biography

Fiona Loudon is a famous entrepreneur, celebrity spouse, media face, social media star, and internet personality from Chicago, Illinois, US. She is famously known as an ex-wife of a famous personality name Daniel Craig. Her born date is 5 May 1968. Now she is 53 years old.

Fiona shares that her nickname is Finne. She is also a well-educated woman. Her schooling is from primary school for her basic studies. She also took admissions to the reputed school for higher graduation. Her ethnicity is white, and she has a Taurus zodiac sign. She has an American nationality and a Christian religion. Her educational background is also well. She was a knowledgeable and brilliant student at that time. Her performance in the school functions is also very well.


5 May


Scotland, United Kingdom


5 May 1968


53 years

Popular As




Zodiac Sign




Fiona Loudon Age, height, weight, and Body Measurements

She is lovely. Her figure also helps her in her popularity. She has 5 ft 4 inches in height with 163cm. She has a 56 kg weight with 123 lbs. Her blue eye color and medium Brown hairs are so attractive. She has so many tattoos on her arms, chest, and waist. Her body has a perfect figure and a white skin tone. She has piercing ears that look so attractive. Fiona Loudon age is 53 years.

Fiona Loudon’s dressing sense and fashion information are very high. She mostly loves red and white color. Her wardrobe is complete with many of her clothes. She spends most of her money on her shoes and clothes shopping. Her workout and daily exercise make her more fit and perfect. Every early morning, she does yoga and makes herself fresh and relax her body. She also takes care of her diet to eat fresh food for good health and main herself as a model and actor in the industry. Her charming personality has an attractive body measurement.


5 Ft 4 Inches


56 kg

Body Measurements


Eye Color


Hair Color


Fiona Loudon Daniel Craig's ex-wife

Fiona Loudon Husband, Parents, Siblings and Children

She has adorable. As per the report, she married Daniel Craig in 1992. Later, she tells the Daniel Craigs full name is Daniel Craig’s Banks, a renowned actor, and model. The couple exchanged vows in 1992 and invited all her fans and family members. This wedding goes successfully until 1994 when she finds that Daniel has a child with another woman, separating them.

So they divorced each other on the other side, and Durk engaged his long-time girlfriend. She has one child with Daniel Craig’s name is Ella Craigs is a gorgeous daughter. Her kids support her, and she lives with her kids, and her husband sometimes comes to meet their Childs. So she didn’t give us accurate data about her siblings or evil brother or sisters. She also does not share her pictures with her family members on social media. Fionna lives a low-critical life with her daughter. She supports her family, and her family also loves her.







Daniel Craig (m. 1992–1994)




Ella Craig

Fiona Loudon Social Media

She performed in the company, and her ex-spouse Daniel Craig was in 1994. Many actors and models are linked with OTF, the members of the OTF Booka600, Sydney August, THF zoo, OTF twin, OTF key, DJ Bandz, OTF Chino, King Von, and many more. Her husband is popular across, and she is famous through her ex-husband.

Fiona Loudon does not have any accounts on social media. Her fans also support her, and she got many likes, comments, and views on her posts. She has a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account where she posts her pictures on social media. Her YouTube account also has many subscribers who help her with the conditions and all types of problems.









Fiona Loudon Net Worth

She is living in a great house. Her house photographs were also uploaded to her social media accounts. She also has her own double-story home of white and grey color. For her home, she always purchases Costly utensils and gadgets. She also buys branded clothes for herself and also for kids. Her primary source of income is her company. Fiona Loudon has net worth of $10 Million.

Roughly she earns the amount of money is 800k to 1 Million USD approx. She has enough income to spend her life. Her family also supports her, and she also keeps her family. She also gives her money to charity centers as well as to help poor people. She loves shopping, Snapchat filters, and many other things.

Net Worth

$10 Million USD

Source of Income



Fiona Loudon is a famous lady and very popular through her passion. She is a charming and very decent lady. Her body measurements are perfect according to her height and weight. She has an ideal figure with beautiful eyes and hair.

Fiona Loudon family loves her. She loves her kids, and her husband also supports her after the divorce. Her social media accounts have so many fans that follow her reports to see her lifestyle. She also has an excellent income to live happily with her kids and family.

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