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Jake Andrich Biography

Jake Andrich is famous and popular, but he is best known as a name of Jakipz Andrich. As a professional, he is best known for his passion for being recognized on social media, especially Instagram and YouTube accounts. His birthplace is Albert, Canada. He was born on 7 November 1996. Now his age is about 26 years old. His religion is Christine, and he has mixed ethnicity.

Jake has a zodiac sign, is Scorpio, and has Canadian nationality. His education is from High School Graduated. He is educated and in college from a private school in Alberta. His progress in his studies was average. He likes to capture his mirror image at home. His passion makes him more successful and more in progress.


7 November




7 November, 1996


26 Years

Popular As




Zodiac Sign




Who Is Jake Andrich?

Jake Andrich is a Canadian YouTuber, fashion designer, and model. He was born on 7th November 1996 in Alberta, Canada. Jake was interested in modeling and fashion growing up, so he decided to pursue it as his career. Jake attended a private school in Alberta for his basic education, but there is no information about his higher qualifications.

Jake is best known for his YouTube channel ‘Jakipz’ where he mostly posts videos about fashion, lifestyle, and travel. His content includes lookbooks, fashion reviews, and styling tips and tricks. He has been featured in magazines like GQ, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Apart from his YouTube channel, Jake is also an established fashion model and designer. He has been featured in campaigns for brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. His clothing line and the product are sold at stores all across Canada.

Jake travels to different parts of the world with his friends and family for work or leisure. He loves meeting new people and exploring different cultures. Jake believes in living life to the fullest and inspiring others.

He has a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with millions of followers. He often posts pictures or videos of his travels, fashion choices, or even insights into his personal life, which resonates well with his fans.

Jake Andrich Height, Age, Weight, and Body Measurements

Jake Andrich stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches, or 1.75 meters, and 175 cm in centimeters. He is a non-vegetarian, weighing around 70 kg, and maintains a fit look with his body shape. His admirable physique has gained him great fame among his fans who are eager to know more about him.

Jake has a mixed ethnicity and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. He has dark brown eyes and black hair that he keeps short. He also has an array of tattoos on his body, adding to his alluring personality.

The Canadian star graduated from a private school in Alberta and is active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. He regularly updates his fans about his fitness routine, motivating them to stay fit like him. His hard work and dedication have made him an inspiration for many people.

Jake Andrich is an amazing personality who has achieved a lot in such a short time. With his charming looks and engaging personality, he has managed to make a mark in the world. He is indeed an inspiring star for everyone!

He has a whole body related to different tattoos. After his studies, he started doing 16 hours as a tradesman. The famous model prefers to eat healthy food to maintain his body. He goes to the gym 6 six days a week and mainly concentrates on his exercises or legs and upper body. His diet is also proper, and he maintains himself as a gymnastics man and a powerful guy. He is a compassionate and very decent boy. All that is good, and he wants to make himself a fit person.



5 Ft, 9 inches


67 to 72 kg

Body Measurements


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color



Jake Andrich’s Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Siblings

Jake is known through Jakipz Andrich’s name, which is very handsome and a young model as he has many crushes that love him and want to marry him. Many fans want to know and are very curious about his relationship stories. But he didn’t tell any information about his personal life. He also worked as a carpenter and plumber and operated heavy equipment technician.

In an interview, he said people like to capture his feet in pictures, so he takes care of his feet so much. He didn’t tell any information about his parents, siblings, and others because he hid his personal life. His parents are so supportive and very cooperative and also support him. He also loves his family and takes notice of his parents’ advice. His siblings also help him, sharing his daily routine with his siblings.











Jake Andrich Social Media

As he is a famous YouTuber and a famous instant. He has many accounts on social media. All of his accounts run with many of his fan’s followers. His fans love him and also support him. Jake has 796k followers on Instagram. He joined YouTube in 2019 and got around 173 k subscribers and 8 million views on his channel.

Jake shared his vlogging several contents of the gym and daily routine. He can leave his fan’s 16 hours job just because of the only fans’ website. On TikTok, at the beginning of 2020, he joined and got 1.8 M fans and 23.8 M likes on his first video. He also decorated his house for Christmas and decorated trees and some gifts.








Jake Andrich’s Net Worth

His earnings are a good amount for his online career. He said he never wasted his money on food and clothes. He invests all his money in real estate, property, and Stokes. His earnings are a Million dollars from TikTok and the only fans’ website. He earns almost $4 to USD 5 million. As he is a famous model, he gains a good source from real estate and other sources. He is a very humble and kind man who helps poor and needy people through his income.

Net Worth

$4 to $5 million USD

Source of Income


Jake Andrich Career

Jake Andrich is an internet personality and fitness guru from Canada who has gained massive popularity on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans. He began his career as a fitness trainer in Canada before deciding to make videos about health and fitness which he posted on multiple social media accounts.

Today, he is among the most popular personalities on social media and has amassed millions of followers across different platforms. On YouTube, he has more than 381k subscribers and over 105 million views on his channel. His Instagram account boasts 23.8 million likes with almost 1.8 million fans, while his TikTok account has 10.6 million followers and 200 million likes. He is also an active member of OnlyFans and has earned a considerable following of over 1 million fans and plenty of income.

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Jake Andrich mainly posts content related to health, fitness, modeling, lip-syncing, short films and self-dressing on his social media accounts. His YouTube channel consists of videos on workout sessions and day-to-day vlogs, which have earned him many subscribers. He also charges $12.99 monthly for subscription bundles, including video content and other exclusive offers, with a 5% discount off the regular price.

In addition to his account on OnlyFans, Jake has mentioned in an interview that he earns plenty of money from his fans’ love for his feet. He spends considerable time in the spa to keep them moisturized and looks after them well, which keeps his subscribers happy. Jake has left behind a 16-hour job each week to focus on promoting content for OnlyFans. His net worth remains unknown, but it is safe to assume that his success on various social media platforms has helped him accumulate considerable wealth.

Jake Andrich Facts

Jake Andrich is an Instagram and TikTok star who has recently made his debut on the adult subscription-based service platform OnlyFans. He holds Canadian nationality and belongs to the Scorpio zodiac sign. The popular model prefers to eat healthy food and goes to the gym six days a week to maintain his body shape. He loves Non-veg food and focuses more on his upper body and leg exercises.

He celebrates Christmas with a decorated tree and some gifts at his home. Jake loves to travel to different places in his spare time and often captures mirror images that are popular among his followers. His tattoos have also gained some popularity among his lovers. In 2019, he did a short film ‘Leg Day with Jakipz,’ and he is very active on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. He considers himself an addict to these networks. Jake Andrich has made a mark in the entertainment industry with his attractive looks, healthy lifestyle, and commitment to fitness. With this, he continues to grow as an influencer and entertainer.


Jake Andrich is a famous and soulful celebrity. His passion is modeling and prominent on social media. As though he is also a viral celebrity. His body measurement is perfect, and he has a handsome figure body. He is ideal-looking and a decent boy. His parents also support him and force him to date some cute and handsome girl.

So his family is caring and loving. He also loves his family. His social media accounts have many septet fans, and followers. They all follow him and must be appreciated for his hard work. He also loves his fans. The income he Gains also helps the poor people and gives to charity centers. His life is full of independence, and he earns for herself and continues his studies. As he is handsome and many of his fans have a crush on him and want to know about his relationship, he doesn’t reveal anything about himself.

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