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Jaycee Shakur – Biography, Age, Wiki, Boyfriend&More

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Jaycee Shakur Biography

Jaycee Shakur is a famous TikTok star, entrepreneur, social media personality, media face, and Instagram sensation from the US. After claiming herself as the daughter of a favorite American rapper, the late Tupac Shakur, she came into the limelight. Her born date is b/w 1993 to 1996. In a TikTok video on 20 July 2021, she said I am Tupac’s daughter. Many people say she is lying to gain popularity as she has no proof of her daughter.

There is very little information about her birthday. As per the death of Tupac and his birthplace, we are estimated that she took birth between that years in New York City, US. She attended a local private school in her native region for fundamental studies. Her school is in New York, USA. She is also not sharing so much about her life related to her personal life.
She has an American nationality with African, American ethnicity. Her religion is Christine, and she has a N/A zodiac sign.




New York, United States


1993 to 1996


25-28 Years 

Popular As

Tik Toker



Zodiac Sign




Jaycee Shakur Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Talking about her height, she has 5 Ft 7 inches in height with 170m. Her weight is about 54-59 kg, and she has 119 to 130 lbs in weight. She has a perfect,ct body measurement. Her Body Measurements have no detailed information also. Jaycee Shakur’s age is between 25-28 years.

She has dark brown hair and has a black eye color. Her inches length is long, and she has very healthy hair related. She also does daily exercises and yoga for maintaining herself. Her diet is also good, and she has to eat fresh food for good health. She also dresses well and also has good information about fashion. Her dressing wear is excellent, and she wears a formal dress. She is good at all types of activities.


5 Ft, 7 inches


54-59 kg

Body Measurements


Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown

Jaycee Shakurclaims Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings

In a video uploaded on TikTok on July 20, 2021. She claims that she is the daughter of rapper Tupac Shakur. After researching her Instagram account, we found her pictures with Tupac and tagged father and daughter on August 2021.

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Well, there is no information regarding her Siblings of sisters and brothers. She keeps her private life quiet and never discloses as she talks about her relationship stories. Most people want to know about her love. It could be possible that she is dating someone but doesn’t want to admit it in the public domain. We don’t have authentic information about her marriage life as well. Jaycee Shakur father is a well-known rapper, musician, singer, lyricist, and artist from the US. He is famous know by his stage name Pac2. Releasing his first album in 1991 named 2pacalypse Now. He often shares social issues through his rap and music.








Tupac Shakur



Jaycee Shakur Social Media

Her father also featured in several films such as Trouble, Juice, Poetic Justice Menace ll Society, and many more. Moreover, Jaycee is an IG bio, is the CEO of administration, and has an account on TikTok. Where’s she post daily trending videos, daily comedy videos.

She is all-around 2.9 k followers on her self-titled Instagram account. Many of her accounts run with a lot of her fans and followers. She also has Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube understanding with many subscribers. People like to watch her funny and creative videos. And the images on Instagram handle under the head posted on social accounts. She has two versions on IG, and both accounts’ bio claims that she is a daughter of Tupac Shakur.








Jaycee Shakur Net Worth

She posted her first video on 05 June 2013 under the head Cup song Back people version. This video has earned 4.7 k views and likes 76 at writing this article. She also did pranks with her mother, such as the lottery tickets winner prank. She is ignoring mother pranks and others.

Through her videos, it seems she lives comfortably in her house. She is earning a good amount of her social media accounts like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube. According to a rough estimate, she approximately made a net worth of $1-2 Million USD. On the other hand, her father’s net worth was around USD 20 to 30 M. She has a good source of income as well. Her income also she helped to the poor and needy peoples and also give to charity centers for helping of helpless people’s.

Net Worth

$1-2 Million USD

Source of Income



Jaycee Shakur followers the movement of Black Lives Matter via her social media accounts. She often keeps her life private and doesn’t showcase them on social media. Tupac Shakur’s daughters enjoy her life to the fullest. She usually spends time with her mother.

Jaycee loves to capture mirror images at her home. Her body measurements are perfect according to her height and weight. She gains her weight at once, but after that, she loses it. Her family is also supportive and caring. She also loves her family and lovers of fans. Her fan’s Following lists are so long to share her posts in public.

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