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Lasirena69 Biography

Lasirena69, also known as Antonella Alonso, is a Venezuelan actress born on June 9, 1990. She was held at the Leopoldo Aguerrevere Clinic and studied at Caracas’s Santiago de Leon School. Now she is 31 years old. Her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she has an American nationality. She has a white ethnicity with Christine in religion.

Antonella prepared her thesis on the humanities, mentioned geishas, and carried out a work entitled throughout the two years of the diversified cycle. Approximation of the concept of woman to understand the Geisha, which dealt with the woman who works in the industry of acting, from the hetairas of ancient Greece and Japanese geisha to contemporary prostitution.


June 9, 1990




June 9, 1990


31 years

Popular As




Zodiac Sign




Lasirena69 Age, Height/Weight, and Body Measurements

She has seen been an icon of the industry since joining. Her height is about 5ft 1 inch with 155cm. She has a 99lbs weight of 45 kg. Her body measurements are perfect as through her appearance. Lasirena69 age is 31 years.

Lasirena69 height boyfriend onlyfans

Lasirena69 has a 32 bra size with a D bra cup size. Her waist size is about 23, and she has a 32 hip size. She has a brunette hair color and dark brown eyes color. She is also a very active lady. Her functional gem works make her look younger. She also daily workouts for her perfect figure. Maintaining her body measurements are also best. She is also a pet lover. Her favorite hobbies are traveling, shopping, and other things as well.


5ft 1 inch


45 Kg

Body Measurements

32,23,32 Inches

Eye Color

 dark brown 

Hair Color



Lasirena69 Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings

As she is a cool-minded girl. She has many past relationships with many boys. But now, she is single and has no connection yet. Her marital status is also nill, and she has no children yet. She has many kinds of rumors that are separate that she is transgender. But that rumor was fake, and she said that she was a proper girl and had no defects on her.

That’s why she said to everyone that she just wants to focus on her career and move with her passion. Her family is also supported and caring as well. She didn’t give any information about her siblings or parents. But she keeps her family in all the conditions. Her family has a parent or also has siblings. She also has grandparents but does not mention any of the names. Her life is full of enjoyable, and she lives happily with her family.











Lasirena69 Social Media

She is a trendy lady as an actress in the industry. Her many accounts run with a lot of her fans and followers. She is very active on Twitter, with many followers. Her many posting pictures and videos on her social media accounts make her more successful and popular. Lasirena69 has more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram.

Lasirena69 height boyfriend onlyfans

Lasirena69 also has an Instagram and Facebook account with huge followers. He also has a YouTube channel with many subscribers. She also gives more priority to her performances. Her fans like her hard-work that path makes her more successful. She also talks with fans through social media accounts, which makes her more preformed value high.


Lasirena69 Instagram


Lasirena69 Twitter


Lasirena69 Facebook

Lasirena69 net worth

Her net worth was growing so significantly in 2021 – 2022. Lauren mostly income gaining from being a successful actress. They estimated her net worth is about $1 to $5 M. She is a wealthy lady in the industry. Her family is also supportive and supports her in all the conditions. She also has different sources of her income, but most of them are her acting.

Lasirena69 kindness makes her more successful and more powerful. She is also a charming, charming lady. Her income also helps out the poor and needy people through her income. Helping out the other people makes her happier feels. She works in the industry and makes herself more earnings from other sources. Her house is lovely and very good looking. She also has branded care. Her car brand is not disclosed, but she also loves different cars.

Net Worth

$1 to $5 M

Source of Income



Lasirena69 is a famous and popular actress in the industry. She is a very calm and charming lady. Her body measurements are also perfect, and she also did a very hard dit of maintaining herself. She is a lovely lady. Her family is also caring and cooperative. She is single, has not married, and has no children yet. The relationship status is also not disclosed yet.

Lasirena69 also has a social media account run with giant fans and followers. Her net worth is enough for her life spending. She has a good salary for her monthly income. Her life is full of enjoyment and full of independence. She lives on her own rules. Her life’s main aim is To become a more successful woman in the world. She studied and did a job in different places to make her future. The many investments that she collet of her future plannings.

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