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Manuela Escobar Biography, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend&More

Manuela Escobar Biography

Manuela Escobar is a daughter of a famous celebrity Pablo Escobar’s. She is a famous businesswoman and a homemaker, and a Controversial personality. Her birthday is on 25 May 1984. Now she is 37 years old. She was born at the place is Columbia. Her nationality is Columbia, and has a Christian in religion.

She has a Gemini zodiac sign with mixed ethnicity. Her real name is Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. She is a lovely and very humble lady. Manuela Escobar is famous as Pablo Escobar daughter. Professionally she is a business owner. Her information about her education is not known. But she was a very talented and brilliant student in his student life. She makes herself more passionate and more obedient to her father’s like.

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Manuela Escobar Age, Height/Weight and Body Measurements

Her height is about 5 Ft 7 inches, making her look taller girl with 1.7 m in height. She has 65 Kg in weight with 143 lbs. Her Body Measurements is fair, and she has a creamy skin colour. She is well in dressing sense and a fashionable girl in the industry. Her body measurements are perfect according to her height and weight. Manuela Escobar age is 37 years.

She has a dark brown hair colour, and the length of the hair is long and silky. Her eyes colour is also a dark brown related to her inches. Her eyes are so attractive that she appears significant, and her eyelash is also considerable. She also has a tattoo on her body on the left-hand side. Her daily routine workout and exercises make her fresh all day. She is also diet conscious and takes care of her to eat good and fresh food. Her chubby cheeks and fatty body look cute and ambitious.

Manuela Escobar

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Manuela Escobar Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings

As through 2021, she is signed didn’t date anyone. But In the past, she had one relationship, but they broke up now. She loves the dogs more than the people. Mostly she spends her free time with her pets. In her house, she has many pet dogs and cats. Her parents include her father, a businessman named Pablo Escobar, and her mother is a housewife named Maria Victoria Henao.

She also shares her picture with her parents on social media. Her childhood is also mostly spent with her cousin and siblings. She also loves her family and also spends time with them. In her siblings, she has a sister named Sebastian Marroquin. She loves her family and supports them also. Some years ago, one blast in that his father died, and she lost herself after her dad died.

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Manuela Escobar social media

Manuela is a famous businesswoman and a star. She has a father who is also a famous person. Manuela is also noted on social media accounts through her family and passion, especially on Instagram and TikTok. She had many accounts on social media. All her accounts run with many of her fans followers. She also gives support to her fans. Her Instagram account has millions of her fans.

She has 516 k followers in her Instagram account. Her Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts also have a long list of her fans. She also makes TikTok videos and puts them and social media. Her fans love her work, and she also loves her fans. Her fans have long lines to her outside of her home to take autographs all the time.

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Manuela Escobar net worth

Her net worth is enough for her life spending. She has a good salary package. Her net worth is $950,000 that is enough. She is also a famous model and actress. Her performance in films dramas matters a lot to her work.

She earns her monthly salary of about $239 3 Million as of 2020. The income she gains also helps out the charity centres. She is a very kind heart and a very decent girl and has a good in all the works that matter a lot. Her fans liked her performance, and she also supported her fans.

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Manuela Escobar is famous for her passion for business, Homemaker, Controversial personality. She is brilliant and a brilliant student in her school life. Her height and weight are perfect according to her body measurements. She has an ideal figure. Her cute smiley face has attractive eyes and an attractive smile. She loves her family and her father support in all the conditions.

All the natural effects and good habits have come from her father side. Because her father is also a very noble and decent man, her net worth is enough for her life spending. On social media account, she is also very popular on Instagram and also on TikTok. She and her family are happy and live together like an excited family.

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