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María de los Ángeles Alvariño González Biography

María de Los Ángeles Alvariño González, known as lesngeles Alvariño. She was a Spanish fisherman and a world-renowned maritime writer as an authority on plankton biology. María was the first woman to be selected as a scientist among any British or Spanish exploration vessel.

María was often referred to as Ángeles Alvariño. And was born on October 3, 1916, in Serantes, a small coastal town in northeastern Spain. As a young woman, Alvariño developed an interest in science and especially zoology by reading books in his father’s library.

In Madrid, by college, I had already obtained a degree in summa cum laude from the University of Santiago de Compostela. The formal education of Alvariño was interrupted sometime after the Spanish Civil War began in 1936. During this time, she concentrated on learning English and French. Which she will later help to remove some of the language barriers in his overseas studies. After the war, she was able to complete her technical studies and then teach courses such as biology and zoology.


October, 3

Birth place



October 3, 1916

Popular as

Spanish biologist




Life Of María de los Ángeles Alvariño González

At that time, in Spain, women were not allowed to board ships from the Spanish Navy, a restriction on Ángeles Alvariño studying with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography. In 1952, however, because of her excellent career as a professor, she was specially appointed as a marine scientist. This allowed her to become the first woman to serve as a scientist on a Spanish spacecraft. Her feat was to be repeated a year later when Alvariño had the opportunity to study zooplankton as the first female scientist on a British ship.

maría de los ángeles alvariño gonzález

Zooplankton, one of eziphambilingeles Alvariño’s main research areas throughout his career, is a relatively small variety of creatures that serve as food for large marine organisms, and before the 1960s it was the subject of little research. Through her study of the British ship, Alvariño was able to detect unhealthy changes in the zooplankton species in parts of the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1956, Ángeles Alvariño emigrated to the United States at the invitation of the Fulbright Commission, to continue her study of zooplankton. During her research in the US, Alvariño identified 22 new species of plankton, and she also developed a model of how many species of plankton are still distributed in the world’s oceans. All this time, she has continued to be a member of the University of America, Mexico, and Brazil.

María de los Ángeles Alvariño González died on May 29, 2005, in San Diego, California. Among other posthumous honors, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography named a ship “Ángeles Alvariño,” which was launched in 2012 by her daughter.

Boyfriend, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Children

María de Los Ángeles is famous for her Research work to Bruce Boxleitner. She is the third wife of Bruce. Before Verena, he had been married to Melissa Gilbert and Kathryn Holcomb. They do not have a child together but she is the stepmother to three sons.

The names of María’s three sons are Sam, Lee, and Michael. Bruce is a successful piano string writer and a fictional writer. But he is unlucky when it comes to marriages. However, María and Bruce seem to be happy since the year 2013.


Eugenio Leira Manso


Dr. Antonio Alvariño Grimaldos and Maria del Carmen Gonzalez Diaz-Saavedra





Early Life Study

In 1953 she received a scholarship to continue studying these small organisms in the United Kingdom, where she became the first female scientist to work aboard a British research ship. Three years later, she received another help, this time to continue her research in the US under the tutelage of another pioneer we have already talked about: Mary Sears. She was the one who, impressed with her work, recommended her for a position at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in California, where she remained until 1970 analyzing thousands of plankton samples from around the world.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

María de Los Ángeles was pretty tall with a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Furthermore, her weight is 60 kg. Even at this age, she has been able to remain healthy. She has a beautiful smile and flawless skin.

One of the distinctive features of María is her defined collar bone. She loves to wear black clothes and often appears in black clothing. Also, she exercises lightly whenever she gets time. Moreover, she performs face yoga which helps her prevent wrinkles and blemishes in her face.


5 feet 9 inches


60 kg

Body Measurement


Eye color


Hair color


Social Media

During the initial days of her career, María was a professional Lab researcher. She started dancing at the age of 16 and 19 years of age, she mastered biology as well. She runs multiple companies including publicity firms and social media managing companies.

Her companies have launched and produced much research work. The names of her companies are Verena King Public Relations and King Social, LLC. She also promotes aspiring biologists in their journey. However, she worked as a sales assistant after her college graduation.

Net Worth

The net worth of María de Los Ángeles was $19 million as of 2021. The major portion of her income comes from the numerous firms that she has opened. All the companies earn a handsome amount of money which has contributed towards her high net worth.

Net Worth

19$ Million USD

Source Of Income



María de Los Ángeles is a founder of multiple companies like Verena King Public Relations and King Social. She is also popular for being awarded by the king and Queen of Spain. Her firm offers expertise in social media and public relations. She has supportive family members and has enough income to spend her life happily.

Thanks to her meticulous work, Ángeles described 22 new planktonic species for science. In 2005 he passed away and since 2012 one of the most advanced oceanographic vessels in the Spanish fleet bears his name.

The revered Google Doodle by María de Los Ángeles Alvariño González puts a biologist looking at a few different types of zooplankton under a microscope. The microscope view works as the second “o” in “Google,” and the Alvariño image works as the second “g”.

He has continued his career at one of America’s most prestigious institutions, NOAA, where he will study plankton fish larvae. After retiring, in 1987, he continued his work as a budding scientist and wrote and published the history of marine science in Spain.

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