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Miriam Leone Biography

Who Is Miriam Leone? Miriam Leone is a famous Italian actress. She is included in one of the tops and famous models in the industry. Her birthday was on April 14, 1985. Now she is 36 years old. She has American and Canadian nationality. Her white ethnicity and has a Christian religion. She was a well-educated girl.

Miriam’s education is from high schooling and a high university. When she was in school she was a topper girl in the school and she takes part in the functions of a school as an actress. She is also known as a beauty pageant titleholder. Her beauty has wide-spreading news. She also won the miss Italian in 2008 as a beauty contest.


April 14


Catania, Italy


April 14, 1985


36 Years

Popular As

Italian Actress



Zodiac Sign




Miriam Leone Age, Height/Weight & Body Measurements

Miriam Leone height is 5ft and 9 inches with 175m. She has a 60kg weight with 132lbw. Her brown eye and has a red hair color. She has perfect body measurements. Her body figure looks mater from her personality. Miriam Leone age is 36 years.

Miriam Leone family

She daily does gym and exercise to maintain her figure. Her diet is also proper. She did not take sugar in her diet. Through her beauty, she also gets fame in her work. She is such a nice and beautiful girl. Her face has sharp features. She has a cute smiley face. Her dressing sense is well and she also wears nice clothes that are related to brands.


5 Ft and 9 Inches


60 kg

Body Measurements


Eye Color


Hair Color


Miriam Leone Boyfriend, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Children

Miriam Leone is dating Matteo Martari. They date each other and love each other at that time. After so long they stopped dating but due to some personal issues they are separate and now she relates to a single line. Now she is married to Paolo Carullo. Her career makes her more successful and she wants to focus on her career and build herself.

Miriam Leone husband boyfriend

Miriam Leone Parents

Her parents are Lagnazio Leone is a father, Gabriella Leone is a mother. She loves her family and supports them. Her family also loves her and supports her in her hard work.  In her siblings, she has a Sergio Leone. She is very close to her sister who is also a very famous lady. Her family loves her and she also supports her family. She is nearer to Sergio and they share all their problems and other things.


Paolo Cerullo






Lagnazio Leone, Gabriella Leone



Miriam Leone Social Media

She has many accounts on social media. Mariam has her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as well as YouTube account. Her all accounts run with many of her fan’s followers. Miriam has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram. She loves her fans and gives them support also. Her youtube account has many subscribers who love and follow her all accounts. Many of her official and unofficial accounts have been recorded by her fans. She also has a tiktok account where she posts her pictures and videos. Her all uploading things gain many likes and comments. she also gains many views on her all accounts. Millions of followers daily follow her and she also gets fame through social media. She is a wide lady on social media.








Miriam Leone Net Worth

Miriam Leone net worth is $1 M to $5 M. Leone’s main source of income is acting and modeling. Her salary is N/A. Her salary is enough for her life spending. The networth that she gains also helping to the poor people through her income. Her modeling and acting gain many likes and she also has her income source. She also supports her family financially and also helps them. Her salary is enough for her life spending. She looks very happy when she helps poor peoples and support them.

Net Worth

$1M to $5M USD

Source of Income

Acting and Modeling


Miriam Leone is a famous celebrity. She loves her family and also supports her fans. Her account where she posts also has many fans’ followers. She loves and supports her family and her family also loves her. Her hot figures have separate fans bases and have a perfect body measurements. She has many accounts on social media with a run of many followers. Her family supports her and she also loves her family. Her net worth is enough for her life spending. She loves to help poor people through her income. Her all lovers like to see her again in many projects of modeling. Many of the bigger hosts who arrange their modeling show also want to take her as a model.  She is very kind and respects everyone. That’s why she has a different kind of nature who builds it up. She loves her family and also loves to live independently.

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