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Pablo Escobar
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Pablo Escobar Biography

Pablo Escobar was born on 1st December 1949 and died on 2nd December 1993. He was a Columbian drug lord and narcoterrorist who was the founder and leader of Medellin Cartel people say that this controlled 80% of the world cocaine market. He was known as The King of cocaine and is known to be the wealthiest criminal in history having an estimated Net worth of around US$30 billion by the time of his death which is equivalent to US$64 billion as of today. In 1989, Forbes mentioned him as the 7th wealthiest person in the world.

His full name was Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. He was born in the Columbian city of Rionegro, Antioquia, later they moved to the suburb of Envigado. He had four hundred luxury mansions in the world and had his own privates planes and zoo. Pablo had his own army of criminals.

His famous quotes include: “Everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is .”


1st December




Rionegro, Antioquia




44 years 

Zodiac Sign


Popular as

The King of cocaine


Drug trafficking

Pablo Escobar Early life 

He started illegal activities when he was still a teenager. Pablo started selling fake diplomas and smuggling stereos. He was first arrested when he stole a car in 1974.  Escobar made a cartel with partners some Notable partners includes the Ochoa brothers: Juan David, Jorge Luis, and Fabio.

Pablo Escobar Education

There is not much information available regarding his education. He attended the ‘University of Autónoma Latinoamericana of Medellín’ for a short period of time.

Pablo Escobar Height, Weight & Measurements

Pablo Escobar height was 1.66 m 5 feet 5 inches. Her weight was 75kg And, other body measurements like his chest size, his waist size, and his hip size, are not available.
His hair color was Black and his eye color was Brown. He was no physically fit as had a lot of work to do he didn’t give time to fitness.


5 feet 5 inches



Eye Color


Hair Color


Pablo Escobar Girlfriend /Wife/ Family / Brother 

Escobar was the son of farmer Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri and teacher Hilda de Los Dolores Gaviria Berrio . He was raised in Medellin. He was the third child of his parents and had six siblings.

In 1976 Pablo married Maria Victoria Henao when she was 15 Yeas old. They lived a happy life and had two children together and a son, Juan Pablo, and a daughter, Manuela.

His son is a motivational speaker whose name is  Sebastian Marroquin. He studies architecture and wrote a book in 2015, Pablo Escobar: My Father in which he accepts that his father had committed suicide.


Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri and  Hilda de Los Dolores Gaviria Berrio


Roberto Escobar , Luis Fernando Escobar , Alba Marina Escobar, Argemiro Escobar


Maria Victoria Henao


Juan Pablo, Manuela

Pablo Escobar Net Worth

is known to be the wealthiest criminal in history having an estimated Net worth of around US$30 billion by the time of his death which is equivalent to US$64 billion as of today.

Net Worth

US$30 billion




Hacienda Nápoles

Income Source

Drug Trafficking 

Pablo Escobar in Politics 

Pablo always wanted to be the president of Columbia and the main hurdle in his way was his illegal drugs business. In 1982 he was elected as the alternate member of the parliament of Columbia but two years after the election he was forced to resign.


Pablo was responsible for the death of thousands of people which includes judges, politicians, civil servants, and police officers. He was the most influential person of Columbia.

When the cartel crumbled in 1993, Pablo was killed by the Columbian National Police, a day after his 44th birthday.

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