Richard Dawson Biography, Heigth, Weight, Networth, Wife…

Richard Dawson Biography, Heigth, Weight, Networth, Wife...
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Richard Dawson Biography

Richard Dawson was a famous English American actor, comedian, game show host, and panelist in the US. He was popular as a playing corporal Peter Newkirk in Hogan’s Heroes. His date of birth was November 20, 1932. Dawson died on June 2, 2012. His birthplace was Gosport, UK. He gets many awards in Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game show host. He has British and American nationality. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. When he died he was 79 years old. He was an educator and project manager with over 20 years of practice in education for sustainable development and learning from nature.


20 November


Gosport UK





Real Name

Richard Dawson


American actor, Comedian

Popular As

American actor, Comedian

Zodiac sign




Richard Dawson Height/Weight & Body Measurements

Richard’s height was 1.75m with 5 ft and 9inches when he was alive. His weight was 70kg. He was a very perfect person and has a very charming personality. Dawson also keeps his body fit and maintain his body features through regular exercise and daily workout. He was very handsome when he was young. His body measurement was 42 inches. When he was alive he takes care of his diet and also take care of his health. He was taken a healthy diet for good health.


5ft 7inches



Hair Color


Eye Color


Richard Dawson Girlfriend/Wife/Parents/Siblings/Children’s

Richard marries 2 girls he has his 2 wifes. His second wife was Gretchen Johnson from 1991 to 2012 and his first wife was Diana Dors from 1959 to 1966. He was his 3 children one daughter and 2 sons name Shannon, Mark, Gary Dawson. His parents are Arthur Emm’s father and Josephine Emm’s mother. In his siblings, he was his one elder brother John Leslie Emm.




Gretchen Johnson, Diana Dors


Arthur Emm's father and Josephine Emm's mother


John Leslie Emm


Shannon, Mark, Gary Dawson

Richard Dawson Social Media

He was a very famous person and has many accounts on social media full of his fan’s followers.  His Instagram account is run by many of his fans. His Facebook and Twitter account also have havey list of his fans. He also has his YouTube channels with many subscribers.

Richard Dawson Net Worth

His net worth is almost $100 Thousand. Richard’s salary from Family Feud was $ 2, 000, 000 pr annum. His house was his own property.


$100 Thousand


$2, 000, 000 pr annum



Source of Income

American actor, comedian, game show host


Richard Dawson was very famous actor and have very good personality and charming man. He was very famous through his fans follower and through his account. His family members was very supportive and cooperative with Dawson. He was enough income to spend his life. Now he is no more with us and he said died when he gets was 78 years. He is very famous and very talented student in his student life.

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I am content writer at celebritiescloud. I have passion of celebrities and love to write about them


I am content writer at celebritiescloud. I have passion of celebrities and love to write about them

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