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Rodolfo Corky Gonzales Biography

Rodolfo Corky Gonzales is a famous activist, Chicano boxer, political organizer, and also poet. He is also one of the famous writers in the world. He was also one of many leaders for the Crusade for Justice in Denver. Rodolfo was born on June 18, 1928, in Denver, Colorado, United States. He is a very highly educated person from the University of Denver, Manual High School. Rodolfo is an activist and does a lot of work for justice in his city Denver for their people. He was died at the age of April 12, 2005, in Denver, Colorado, United States. He lives 77 Years only. At his age, he did a lot of work for his people. Rodolfo was also a writer and write a lot of books. His real name is Rodolfo Gonzales and his nickname is Corky.


June 18

Birth place

Denver, Colorado, United States


June 18, 1928

Popular as

Boxer, Political organizer


Activist, Chicano Boxer, Political organizer, Poet


Rodolfo Corky Gonzales Height/Weight & Body Measurements

Rodolfo is a famous man. He did a lot of works for his people. He does not share any information about his personal things. As he died in 2005 there is no information about his height. His body weight and body measurement are also unknown. We did a lot of research but we find nothing about him. If we find any information we will update as soon as possible.





Eye color


Hair color


Rodolfo Corky Gonzales Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Siblings, Children

Rodolfo was the son of Federico and Indalesia Gonzales in Denver. He is the eighth younger child of his parents in Denver. Rodolfo mother died when he was only 2 years old. His father did not married to another woman after the death of Rodolfo’s mother. Rodolfo belonged to a poor family. His mother and his siblings work in a field to earn their livelihood. His father also works in the coal mine. They live their lives in poverty.

Talking about his relationship he had married a girl named Geraldine Romero. They both get married in February 1949 at the age of 21/22 (Rodolfo) and Geraldine Romero 17/18. They had 8 children.  His children are now working on their father’s legacy of the Crusade for Justice.


7 siblings


Geraldine Romero


Federico and Indalesia Gonzales


8 Childrens

Rodolfo Corky Gonzales Net Worth

Rodolfo belongs to a very poor family. He faces a lot of hard times in his life. Rodolfo did a lot of hard work to achieve his career. He is Boxer, writer, poet, and also activist. Rodolfo Gonzales net worth is unknown. There is no information about his personal life. He did not reveal any of his assets. No one knows about his net worth. The only known information is that he has an earning source which is Boxing. Boxing is his career and he earns his livings by Boxing. There is no other information. If you find any information we will update you as soon as possible.

Net worth


Source of Income

Rodolfo Corky Gonzales Social Media

As Rodolfo died in 2005. Before 2005 there is no possibility of social media locally. He is well known among the people. Social media is not much common before 2005. But now many of his fans and followers make his fan-following accounts on social media.


Rodolfo Gonzales Instagram


Rodolfo Gonzales Twitter


Rodolfo Gonzales Youtube


Rodolfo Gonzles was a famous American Boxer, Activist, Writer, and also a poet.

  • In 1928: He was born on June 18, 1928, in Denver, Colorado, United States.
  • In 1949: Rodolfo married a girl named Geraldine Romero 1949 and together they had eight children.
  • 1988: He was first introduced to the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame in 1988. Rodolfo is studying in college but after the first semester, he realizes that he would not be able to pay fees. He leaves college and start practicing boxing. He fought as a featherweight seventy-five times in his career.
  • In 1967: After leaving their boxing career he start complaining about politics. He finalize his final political effort in 1967 when he ran for Denver Mayor but he lost again.
  • In 2005: Rodolfo was died because of a heart attack on April 12, 2005, at the age of 77.

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