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Simone Bent
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Simone Bent Biography

Simone Bent was born in 1970. Her birthplace is America. She belongs to mixed ethnic background both African and American. Simone holds American nationality. Simone follows the Christian religion. Simone is well known for being an actress and activist of America. Another reason behind her fame is her boyfriend. He is also a famous actor Troy Gravity. Simone had worked in some movies in a supporting role. But it is obvious, that Simone came into the spotlight for the first time as the wife of the Troy Gravity. So, being the wife of a famous personality, Simone bent is getting huge respect and fan following.

Not only this, but Simone is also the active treasurer of a foundation in Los Angeles. This homies foundation is actually a gang of violence prevention group. And the owner of this group is Simone’s husband Troy.

Furthermore, she is the adorable daughter of a community organizer and a banker named Dee L.Bent (Mother). While the father (Boswell Bent) of Simone Bent is a practiced lawyer. Both husband wife has a huge love for their daughter. They all time support their daughter. Simone also shows respect to Dee L.Bent and Boswell Bent.

The main story behind Simone’s huge passion and love for acting careers is that She had really inspired by a movie ‘Greece Musical’ once. From that time, Simone had decided to do acting and modeling.








51 Years

Popular As




Zodiac Sign




Simone Bent Educational Background

Simone Bent did her schooling from high school that is situated in her hometown place. But according to different websites, Simone Bent didn’t continue her higher education. She Didn’t attend any college. And according to that, Simone’s have qualifications of school level. Simone is a well-mannered person. She grew up in an educated environment. Her parents raised Simone in a respective environment.

Simone Bent Career

Simone chooses the profession of acting and modeling career in her life by getting inspiration through a movie of Greece musical. Moreover, she is getting famous due to Simone’s husband.
Just like Simone’s own career, she also had chosen a life partner from the same field. They both are famous due to each other.

Simone Bent Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurements

According to 2021, Simone Bent is 51 years old. However, the exact date of birth of Simone is still unknown. Due to this, we Didn’t know about her zodiac star. Although, Simone is much a sighted person with perfect weight. She is about 5 feet and 7 inches tallest. And Simone’s weight is between 60-74 kgs approximately. She has a pair of black eyes. Simone’s hair color is black.


5 Feet, 7 Inches


60-74 kg

Body Measurements


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Simone Bent Husband, Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings, Children

The parents of Simone Bent are Boswell Bent and Dee. L Bent. Both had played the best role in their field. As well, they are role models for their daughter. While it is still unknown whether Simone Bent has siblings or not. We are trying to find out and we will update you soon.

Troy Garity's wife

Furthermore, Simone is the wife of the actor Troy Gravity. They were in a strong relationship for a long period of time. Both husband-wife is living a luxurious life. However, it is still under review whether the duo has a child or not.






Troy Garity


Boswell Bent, Dee L. Bent



Simone Bent Net Worth

According to different websites, it is estimated that Simone Bent net worth is about $200 Million. Her main source of income is acting. Moreover, being the wife of an actor, Simone is getting huge money. Also, she is getting paid through the homies foundation. And through this way she is living a luxurious and peaceful life.

Net Worth

$200 Million USD

Source of Income


Simone Bent Social Media

Simone bent is available on social media platforms like Twitter. She is active on Twitter with the username @Simone Bent. She had gained 437 followers, also Simone is following 66 people. She had joined Twitter for the first time in June 2009. On her bio, Simone had shared the following caption: No, no I’m listening, but is this gonna be a long story??
Furthermore, Simone Bent is not available on any other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. But there are many fan pages of Simone Bent on different social sites.
However, her husband Troy Gravity is available on Instagram with the username @troyog. He has gained a 54.6k fan following on Instagram with 608 posts. All are the photos of Troy Gravity with his colleagues, partners, and fellows. He is also following 1138 people.









Simone Bent Timeline

Let’s talk about how Simone met her husband Troy. They were in a strong relationship before 2006. And in 2006 Simone Bent got engaged to Troy Gravity. After one year of engagement, both decided to get married, and Finally, on 27 August 2007, this dream of both Troy and Simone took a shape. In a public place, they often had caught many times, spending time together. They both have faith, love, and understanding for each other.

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