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Sun Mingming Biography:

Sun Mingming is a basketball player and an actor He is a former Chinese. Sun is the tallest basketball player in the world. He was born in Bayan Country, Harbin, China. His date of birth is 23 August 1983. Now he is 37 years old. From 2008-2009 he plays as a team from Hamamatsu Phoenix.

From 2009-2014 he plays with the team of Beijing Ducks. He is also an actor in action movies, known for Rush Hour 3. His zodiac sign is Leo and her nationality is Chines. He is educated at Ventura college. Sun is a scholar student at a studied time. He is a very intelligent student.


23 August


Bayan Country, Harbin ,China




Sun Mingming

Popular As

Basketball player




37 years

Zodic Sign




Sun Mingming Height/Weight & Body Measurements:

His height is about 2.36cm he is 7feet 9inches tallest person. Sun weight is about 387 pounds means 168kg. He has 50 inches of her waist. Sun shoe size is 20.

A condition called or caused by a tumor that leads his pituitary gland to overproduce of growth rate. He keeps her body fit and healthy.


7feet 9 inches



Eye color


Hair color


Sun Mingming Girlfriend/Wife/Parents/Siblings/Children:

In summer 2005 he for diverse because of his tallest height at that time he needs his wife but his wife left him alone. Because of his tumor, his first wife leaves him alone. On 4 August 2013, he got marry to Xu Yan.

They are living married couples with their combined height. Sun’s wife is also the tallest lady has 6 ft in height. When they marry it will be recorded the tallest, Harry couple in the world. In the siblings, he has one brother and one sister.


Xu Yun


one Brother and one Sister


Xu Yun





Sun Mingming Social Media:

He has 1098 followers on Instagram. Sun has many accounts on social media with have a list of fans followers. Sun also has an account on Facebook his profile image hit 12813 likes and comments. He also uses Twitter for tweets and has a Tiktok account on social media.

Sun Mingming Net worth:

In 2020 he has $1 Million- $5 Million. His net worth is about $350. He also playing his career from 2006-2014. In 2005 Sun also earn his money through the NBA draft. Sun live her life with this income is enough. He lives with her wife happily.

Net Worth



$1 Million-$5 Million



Source of Income

NBA draft


Sun Mingming is the tallest person in the world. He is a player of Basketball and has many followers on social media. His parents are not updates but he marries his wife and lives with her. Sun’s wife is also the very tallest lady. Her income is enough for his life and he spends her life with his wife.

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