Timothy Mowry Biography, Height, Weight, Networth, Wife...

Timothy Mowry Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Wife…

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Timothy Mowry Biography

Timothy Mowry is an English American/Irish American retired veteran & parole officer. He is US military and retired as the first sergeant. Timothy is popular with his children because they are famous. His birthday was on 4th January 1957. Now he is young 64 years old. His birthplace is California US. He has American nationality with the Capricorn zodiac sign. His ethnicity is Irish and has a Christian religion. He completes his graduation from High University. His education is well and he also maintains his position in the school. All his teachers love him and he also takes part in school functions for popularity. From the beginning, he wants to become a famous and popular boy in the world. He’s giving good feedback to his teachers is impressive. He is a very brilliant and interesting student in her student life.


January 4


California US


January 4, 1957


64 Years

Popular As

Tia Mowry's father



Zodiac Sign




Timothy Mowry Height, Weight & Body Measurements

His height is 5ft and 7inches with 169cm tall. He has a 79kg weight with 127lbs. His black eye and has a black hair color. He has his six packs and has biceps and triceps through a workout that makes his personality very attractive and impressive. Judging through the internet pictures he has perfect body features with an impressive, fit and healthy body build.

He keeps his body fit and maintain his body features through regular exercise and daily workout. His diet is also proper and he maintains his diet to eat fresh food for good health. He is very conscious about his health. His smiling face and chubby cheeks attract her personality. He has a very charming and beautiful personality. His body figure is very attractive and her shining teeth also give the beauty of her smile. He is cute. His appearance, indicating that he puts time and effort into his outfits and overlooks.


5 Ft and 7 Inches


79 kg

Body Measurements


Eye Color


Hair Color


Timothy Mowry Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Siblings, Children’s

He has many past relationships but he didn’t tell any information about his past relationships. Now he is married to Darlene Renee Flowers who is also a very famous and popular personality and met him from his schooling days in Florida.

The couple loves each other and supports each other. They also give advice to each other and help each other with all problems. They knot a tie of marriage for many years. The couple has many children named is Savior, Tia, Tamera, Tahj the couple love their child and also give the time from their busy life. His parent’s mother is N/A and her father’s name is N/A.

He has very popular parents who are famous and his son is also a famous celebrity. H loves his family and his family also supports him. Through his income, he also helps his family.






Darlene Renee Flowers




Tavior Mowry, Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Tahj Mowry

Timothy Mowry Social Media

Timothy Mowry is a famous celebrity. He has many accounts on social media. All his accounts run with many of his fan’s followers. He has his Instagram with 1M + followers Facebook has 2M + followers and Twitter where he also twitters about his daily routine.

All his pictures and videos gain many likes, comments, and views. He also has a YouTube channel with many subscribers. His accounts where he posts also give feedback and thank his fans for supporting and loving him. He also posts his pics and videos on social media and Gains much love from them.

His account on social media is separated by his fam and his work. He works hard and gives interesting stories to his fans. His fans love his work and also support him. He also made a TikTok video and also uploaded them on social media and also do some vlogging.









Timothy Mowry Net Worth

His net worth is $2M USD. Timothy’s main source of income is through a Parole officer. His salary is annually pension is $40,000 USD. He is a rich and famous man in the industry. His income is enough for his life spending. He also helps poor and needy people through his income and he also supports his fans. The income he gain was also given to the charity centers. He works hard and earns his money through his fans and his hard work. The income that he gains also helps his fans and family.

Net Worth

$2 Million USD


$40,000 USD


Timothy Mowry is a famous celebrity. His American Irish and white ethnicity give his popularity. He has a Charming personality with an attractive body figure. His height weight and Body Measurements are perfect according to his body. He also takes a portion of fresh food for good health. His accounts run with many of his fan’s followers.

All his accounts on social media gain many followers. His posts gain many likes and comments. He loves his family and also supports his fans. His fans love him and also support his work. He has enough income to spend his life. His income he also gave to charity centers. He is a very noble and humble man in the industry. His politeness and good looks matter a lot and he lives independently. He is very cute and has a very smiling face.

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