Viktoria Novikova Biography, Net worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family…

Viktoria Novikova Biography, Net worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family…

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Viktoria Novikova Biography

Who is Viktoria Novikova? Viktoria Novikova is a famous social media star and a model. She is also well known as the Actress, Dancer, and Choreographer. Viktoria is mostly famous for her appearance in different viral art and crafts on youtube channels, such as 5 Minute Crafts, 123 GO!, Crafty Panda, etc. She is also a famous Instagram star and has a larger fan base on Instagram. Viktoria was born in 1991 in Russia. She holds Russian nationality. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Viktoria has very good skills of communication and was also very good at dance when she was small. She was very talented and intelligent from her childhood. She also participate in many functions and competitions when she was at school. After completing her early education she joined a local college to complete her graduation.







Popular as

Social Media Star





Viktoria Novikova Age, Height, Weight & Measurement 

Viktoria is also named Vicky. Vicky is 5 feet 4 inches tall in height. She has a flawless body with a bodyweight of 53 kg. She has a very slim and smart body with an awesome figure which also makes her the most wanted body shape, hourglass body shape.

Viktoria has a very fit lifestyle with a Body Mass Index of 20.1 m / kg2. She also keeps her body fit by eating healthy vegetables. She maintains her diet that’s the reason behind her slim and smart body. Vicky also joins Jim to fit her body and makes her body fit and attractive. She is a very attractive and beautiful girl. Viktoria was born in 1991 in Russia. Her age is 30 years old (as of 2021). She is a very young and intelligent girl.


5 Feet 4 Inches


53 kg

Body Measurement


Eye color


Hair color


Viktoria Novikova Career

Viktoria is a very talented and beautiful girl. She always wanted to do something new. As you know that she started her career in her childhood. She participated in many dance competitions and also she has excellent skills of communication. She is an expert in communication skills. When Vicky was in school she start practicing dancing and communication skills while studying in school.

After her initial study, she joined a local college. She starts her modeling career when she is studying in college. Vicky becomes a professional model after the completion of her graduation from her college. She starts working as a model for small brands to gain popularity. When she was working for the small brands no one knows who she is. Finally, after hard work, she start working as a model for 5 minutes craft in 2017. Working in 5 Minute Crafts and its subsidiary company 123 GO! she gets a lot of attention and popularity which she is working for. Now she is a famous model and also a famous model of 5-minute craft and also worked in Crafty Panda for a little time.

Viktoria Novikova Husband, Father, Mother, Siblings, Family

Some celebrities do not want to share any information with media Viktoria is one of them. Se still has not disclosed any kind of information about her family. She wants to keep her life personal and do not want to share any information with social media. No one knows about her family details. We did a lot of research but we find nothing about her family details. We are still searching about her family if we found any information about her personal life we will update you as soon as possible.

There is also no information about her siblings. As her family is unknown so no one also knows about her siblings. No one knows that how many siblings she has and what are their names. We will update the information as soon as possible.









Viktoria Novikova Relationship Status

Viktoria is a very beautiful girl with attractive looks. She gets hundreds of proposals every day. Everyone wants to make a girlfriend like her. She has a stunning personality that attracts everyone. Vicky is also in a relationship with a beautiful guy. Her boyfriend’s name is still unknown. She posts pics with her boyfriend on her Instagram account. But she did not mention her bf in any place. You can see their pics on Vicky’s Instagram account.

Viktoria Novikova Net Worth

Viktoria Novikova’s net worth is around $200k which is an estimated amount. She did very hard work in her care to make her name in the social media industry. She earns money by acting, modeling profession, photoshoots, brand deals, sponsorship, and jobs in different media publications. Vicky is currently living a lavish lifestyle. She did a lot of hard work to achieve this place and finally, she gets what she expected. Now she has a lot of fame and a luxury lifestyle. Vicky makes a decent amount of money every month and living her life peacefully.



Source Of Income

Acting, Modeling

Viktoria Novikova Social Network

Viktoria is a well-known and famous social media star. As she is a model she gain a lot of attention when she started her modeling career. Everyone is attracted by her beauty and beautiful looks and some girls make her role model and start following her. Besides modeling, she also works for 5 Minute crafts, Crafty Panda, and 123 GO! and gains a lot of popularity. She has a huge fan base just because she is a model of 5 Minute craft.

She is also an Instagram star with a huge fan following. Her Instagram account has over 247k followers. Her beautiful posts on her Instagram account are also the reason behind her popularity. She is most famous as a model of 5-minute craft on social media platforms.


  • Viktoria Novika is a famous Actress and a famous model. She is currently dating a guy.
  • Vicky loves to eat tasty foods but her diet did not allow her to eat any unhealthy thing thats why she is very sticked about her diet. She is very concious about her diet and her fitness and prioritizes exercise to keep fit.
  • One of hobbies of Viktoria is to travel as more as she can. She has also visited some countries like USA, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, etc. She loves to travel the world.
  • As Vicky is not only beautiful she is also a very intallegent girl. She can more than 3 languages English, Russian, and Ukrainian, etc and also loves to learn more languages.
  • According to her instagram account she is married to a gusy but his name is not mentioned anywhere. They also have a child. She posted pics of her husband and child on her instagram account.

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