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Ysabel Jordan Biography 

Who is Ysabel Jordan? Ysabel Jordan is a famous family member. She was also famous as the daughter of the famous NBA player Michael Jordan. Ysabel is from the second wife of Michael Jordan. She was born on February 9, 2014 in United States with her twin sister named as Victoria. Her zodaic sign is Aquarius. Michael was married with her second wife in 2011 and Michael also has one son form his first wife. Ysabel is a famous Child star and an American public figure. Mother and father of Ysabel was first met at a bar in 2007 and fall in love with each other. After the 3 years of relationship the finally get married in 2011.


February 9


United States


February 9, 2014

Real Name

Ysabel Jordan

Popular As

Daughter Of Michael Jordan




7 Years

Zodiac Sign




Ysabel Jordan Age, Height, Weight & Measurement

Ysabel is a famous child and she is also the daughter of famous NBA player. Her parents reveal her information about her personal life. No one knows about her height and weight. She was born on February 9, 2014. Her age is 7 years old (as of 2021). Their is no information about her body measurement as she is just a kid so their is no such kind of information is known. Her beautiful Blonde hair and Black eyes makes her more cute and attractive.


3 Feet 7 Inches



Eye Color


Hair Color


Ysabel Jordan Boyfriend, Husband, Father, Mother, Siblings, Family 

Ysabel is the daughter of famous NBA Basketball player Michael Jordan. Her mother is just a house wife. Her mother name is Yvette Prieto. Michael was already married to another girl Yvette Prieto was his second wife. Michael was also a child from her first wife.

Talking about her siblings, Ysabel has only one sister. Her sister was her twin sister and was both born on 2014 and her name is Victoria. She has also one step brother but their is no information about her step brother and her step mother.


Michael Jordan, Yvette Prieto


Victoria Jordan



Michael Jordan Reltionship Status

Michael Jordan was famous as the Greatest NBA basketball player. He has very successfull career in her profession. Michael won more than 6 championship competition with the Chicago Bulls. He was also titled as one of the Greatest player of basketball player.

Michael was already married to a girl. Their is no information about her first wife and her name is also unknown. They also has a boy child. Michael was met a girl in a  bar and fall in love with her. Michael met that girl in 2007 in a bar. They start living with each other in 2009. They also exchange number with each other and start talking day and night. After the 3 years of relationship he finally get engaged with that girl in 2011. They get married in 2013 at Bethesda-by-the-sea Episcopal Church. He has now 2 wifes. Michael has 2 beautiful daughters from his second wife Yvette Prieto. Her daughters names are Ysabel Jordan and Victoria Jordan.

Michael Jordan Career

Michael Jordan is a very famous Baseketball player. He is a NBA player and also wins many championships and won medals. He is also titled as one of the greatest basketball player. Michael also wins tiltles like 10 All-NBA First Team designations, 3 steals title, five MVP Awards, 14 NBA All-Star games selection, 3 Star game MVP Awards etc. In 2020, Michael also serves as the owner of the Charlotte Hoenets of the Nation Basketball Association (NBA).

Ysabel Jordan Net Worth

Their is no information about Ysabel net worth. As she is a kid so she is no at the age to earn money. Ysabel is currently living on her father money. She is a child celebrity and famous as the daughter of famous NBA player Michael Jordan. He is also considered as one of the richest NBA player. Michael Jordan net worth is around $2.1 billion which is a quite big amount. If we find any further information we will update as soon as possible.

Net Worth

$1.5 Million



Source of Income

Michael Jordan

Ysabel Jordan Social Network

Ysabel Jordan is just a kid star and not at the age to have a social media account. Their is no informaion about her social media account. If may be possible that she has fan following account. But we find nothing about her social media account. She is currently at the age of study and she is studding. Ysabel is just because of her father. Her father is a famous NBA player Michael Jordan. Michael was also titled as the Greatest NBA player.


  • Ysabel Jordan is a famous Child celebrity and also famous as the daughter of the NBA greatest player Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is a famous NBA player and also won a lot of championships and medals.
  • The meaning of the name of Ysabel in Spanish is “devoted to God” and in Spanish it’s mean “gift from God”.
  • According to some sources Ysabel has 3 siblings from her father side 2 brothers and 1 sister. Their names are Jeffrey Jordan, Marcus Jordan and Jasmine Jordan. She also a real sister (twin sister) named as Victoria Jordan.
  • Ysabel’s father was firstly married to her ex wife in 1989 but the marriage does not last long. They get divorce from each other in 2002 due to some personal reasons.

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